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Home Builder Designing Green Homes To Help Homeowners Save Energy and Money

Green homes have been slowly increasing in popularity over the last several years, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. What are green homes? A green home is one that is eco-conscious due to its efficient use of energy, water, and building materials.

Lakeland is the perfect area to call home because of all it has to offer local families. In the city of Lakeland, residents have access to some of the best schools, new houses, and residential amenities in the state. If you are interested in building a green home in Lakeland, contact Mayfield Construction by phone, text, or email today.

What Are the Benefits of Building a Green Home?

If you’re deciding whether or not you want to build an eco-friendly home, it’s important to understand why green homes matter before you make this decision. Green homes are energy efficient due to certain features such as light-colored roofs, LED lights, and Energy Star appliances. These homes are designed to use less electricity and water than standard homes, so homeowners can reduce their impact on the environment just by living in a green home.

Because green homes use less energy, homeowners will also save money on their monthly utility bills. Green homes are also more in demand and thus more valuable than traditional homes, which is why building green homes is a wise investment.

How Are Green Homes Built?

In general, the interiors and exteriors of green homes are built with non-toxic, locally sourced materials. Some of the most sustainable building materials that are used in the construction of a green home include reclaimed wood, recycled plastic, natural stone, and bamboo.

Every inch of a green home is designed with the environment in mind. For example, a green home may use non-toxic exterior paint on the trim and front doors of the home. Builders may use high quality, light colored shingles that are designed to reflect instead of absorbing sunlight, thus keeping your home cooler during the summer.

How Much Does Building a Green Home Cost?

The first question that clients typically ask us is, “How much are green homes?” The cost of building a custom green home can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the location, size of the home, and materials used.

The U.S. Green Building Council reports that green homes can be built for the same cost as standard homes, so there’s no reason to think that these homes will be more expensive. Even if you do end up spending more on the construction of a home, you will be able to recoup these costs by saving money every month on utility bills. Be sure to share your budget with our team early on in the process so we can design a home that falls within your price range.

Start Designing Your Green Home Today!

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