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Our Commitment to
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Resistant Homes

Florida homes need to be built to withstand the strongest of storms, but many traditional building materials will not hold up when faced with hurricane-strength winds. At Mayfield Construction, we are committed to constructing Hurricane Resistant Homes using Spray Rock Building Systems.

An Introduction to Spray Rock Building Systems

Steel is the go-to building material for commercial real estate projects because of its incredible strength and durability. But whereas the majority of commercial high rises have steel structures, most homes in South Florida are built using a combination of wood and concrete. Although wood and concrete are not as strong as steel, they are resistant to wind, which is an important quality. But as the hurricanes in Florida seem to be getting stronger and stronger, wood and concrete are simply not enough to protect your family.

Homes that are built with Spray Rock Building Systems have customized steel framing systems and a layer of sprayed-on concrete. The sprayed-on concrete and steel form a protective shell around the house that will not rust, twist, warp, or crack. With Spray Rock Building Systems, homes are built with the strength of steel and the wind resistance of concrete. Together, these two worlds collide to produce the ultimate Hurricane Resistant Home for residents in Florida.

Thanks to Spray Rock Building Systems, our Hurricane Resistant Homes are designed to withstand hurricanes and tornadoes with winds of up to 250 mph. To put this in perspective, this means our homes that are built with Spray Rock Building Systems will hold up even in the middle of an incredibly powerful Category 5 hurricane!

Other Benefits of Spray Rock Building Systems

A home that is built with Spray Rock Building Systems isn’t just strong enough to withstand hurricanes, it’s eco-friendly as well. These homes are built with steel frames instead of wood frames, which means no trees will be cut down in order to construct your home. All of the steel frames are made out of recycled steel, which is just as durable as new steel, but much more environmentally friendly.

Another benefit of living in a home that was not built with wood is you never have to worry about termites. The risk of other problems such as fire and mold are also much lower when wood is not used in the construction of a home.

It’s also much easier to build a home with Spray Rock Building Systems than it is to use traditional building materials. In fact, it’s estimated that a 2,000 square foot home can be completely framed and sprayed with the concrete in just seven days. Therefore, builders that use this system may be able to finish your home faster.

Learn More About Hurricane Resistant Homes

Are you interested in learning more about our Hurricane Resistant Homes? The state certified building contractors at Mayfield Construction will be more than happy to explain how our Hurricane Resistant Homes will protect you during Florida’s unpredictable hurricane seasons. To get started, call us at 863-646-7995 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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